One of the best perks of the New Workplace, besides free food, is being able to bring your dog to work with you. Here are some tips to make it work for everyone.

 Have rules

As many as needed but have rules, at least one rule – Anyone at work can veto any , or all,  dogs at work.  Having your dog at work is a perk, not a right. Some people are fearful of dogs, many people are allergic to them.  Ask those around you if it is OK to bring your dog to work tomorrow.  No? Sorry Fido!

 Dog proof your work space

The best way is to have a dog crate, like a Vari Kennel, beneath your desk.  Your dog needs to be previously crate trained and like his crate, this can take weeks to achieve but is well worth it.  Leashes are wonderful things too- tie your pet to you or to your desk for when you cannot be watchful. Without a crate or a leash you do not have control over your pet.

Crawl around on the floor where you will have your dog. What do you see? What do you smell? Plants, rugs and breakables should be relocated out of sight. Food? Think like a dog-  and dogs will eat anything,  just in case it might be food. Take out the trash often and don’t eat at your desk.

Have Dog Fun!

Take a 10 minute break as often as you can, which is my personal policy anyway. Bring treats and toys for your dog. I like filling Kongs with canned dog food and freezing them the night before.

Train your dog to behave off leash

A few commands are needed to be safe off leash. Every dog should know sit, down, stay and come before being off leash, even inside the building.

Some dogs are not OK at work

Many dogs have limited coping skills. Dogs can take days to weeks to habituate to a new environment and are very stressed until they do. Some dogs do not like the UPS guy (and almost all UPS guys dislike dogs).

Bring a clean up kit

Paper towels, Febreeze, soap and water in case there is a clean up needed.  Lots of dogs? Buy a puppy wet vac.

Vaccinate your pet

No dog enters the workplace without written proof of current rabies vaccination from a vet. Rabies is a rare disease but dog bites are common. Anyone who gets bit at work automatically goes to see a doctor. That doctor will ask for proof of vaccination for rabies. Got it? No problem. Don’t have it? The victim may need a series of painful shots for rabies himself , I am a member of this select club. Schedule your pet’s vaccination appointment here.