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COVD-19 Updates

How Does COVID-19 Affect My Pet? Day-by-day we learn more about the affects and behaviors of COVID-19. Have you ever wondered if your pet could get infected by the virus, or if you could get it from them? The American Veterinary Medical Association has written an... read more

What should I feed my pet?

 “What should I feed my pet?” We all want to feed out pets a high quality food – just like we would feed the rest of the family.  These guidelines  will help you! A few questions for you. Is your pet now at a good weight ? Any recent gain or loss of weight? Any... read more

How to Clean Your Dog’s Ears at Home

If you’ve been instructed by your veterinarian to clean your dog’s ears, this can usually be done at home quickly and easily. Check out our quick instructional video here! Make sure you have all of the right supplies on hand before you start. You’ll need: Ear cleaning... read more