Buy the right dog for the right job       All dog breeds are not the same. Herding breeds like border collies tend to be the most challenging. Some breeds are much easier to train than others, some breeds are just kind of dumb. Choose carefully. Insider Tip: virtually everybody succeeds with the dumb dogs while many herding dogs are re-homed before their first birthday.

Get a crate    Dog crates are magic. You and I would hate being in a box with the door closed but with proper introduction and rewards and practice most dogs actually like their crates. Dogs that are crate trained have fewer problems and anxiety and are kept  safe from household hazards while you are away. Many dogs prefer to sleep in the crate. Crates are an indispensable aid in house training your puppy- most dogs won’t urinate or defecate inside their crate.  We can use this!

Use only positive reinforcement   All trainers should use only positive reinforcement, this is well documented and has been known for years. If you have a book or a trainer that suggest punishing your dog it is time to switch to one that does not. Negative reinforcement fails for many reasons, primarily because it can never be consistently applied. Negative reinforcements make dogs aggressive. You do not need to dominate your dog and pack theory and alpha male ideas are simply wrong.

Use food rewards and a clicker    Dogs have no sense of time, none whatsoever. We want to tie the reward to the behavior we want to see repeated, even though they are only five seconds apart. Clickers do this!  Remember- a click is a solemn promise to give a food reward for what the dog is doing right now and you never click without giving a treat.

Behaviors that get rewarded get repeated This is your dog training mantra. Have fun with it when your spouse rewards a bad behavior.