“What should I feed my pet?”

We all want to feed out pets a high quality food – just like we would feed the rest of the family.  These guidelines  will help you!

A few questions for you.

Is your pet now at a good weight ?

Any recent gain or loss of weight?

Any vomiting or soft stool?

Is it made in the USA?

Does your pet like the food?

If all is good, then – what you are feeding is fine!


The Big Four 

We like “the big 4”. Hills  Waltham Purina  and Iams / Eukanuba have been studying and formulating pet food for decade and all have many veterinariany professionals who have dedicate their careers to studying and creating better nutrition for pets.

Advertising is not a substitute for science.  Many claims regarding pet food have nothing to do with  reality and are mostly flashy marketing campaigns.  Research is expensive.   Would it be preferable to have independent researchers testing pet foods rather than pet food companies? Yes.  Should we ignore their scientific studies over new untested diet formulas? No

We recommend foods approved by the AAFCO, Association of American Feed Control Officials.  They have a user friendly website that can help you weed through ingredient labels, terminology and industry regulations. Check it out at  https://www.aafco.org/Consumers

Celebrities backing new food companies, marketing campaigns, flashy packaging and breeder comments all add  to the confusion .  Trust not the celebs, trust the scientists, who mostly work for the Big Four. Information is power, let the evidence be your guide!